Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

Remember that day when we were all busy taking our kids to school and rushing our way to work?

Remember how Islamic Terrorists changed our lives by killing innocent men, women and children heading to work, or flying to destinations afar?

Remember how we all stopped in our tracks and held our breaths with tears streaming and stinging our faces? Huddled around TVs and Radios living the events of that day, the sights and sounds in shock and disbelief?

Remember for weeks after 9/11 we all took things a little slower, showed one another patience, consideration and care?

Remember when we were ALL Americans, not just Conservatives or Liberals, Republicans or Democrats, Left or Right........Just Americans, outraged that our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers would be cut down for doing nothing more than just living their lives and living out their day?

Remember when no one apologized for being American?

Stand together, take time to consider everyone around you with compassion and gratitude. We did not deserve the events of 9/11, we did not cause the events of that day. Do not apologize for it and do not apologize for being a Proud American.

DO NOT ever FORGET 9/11.

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