Friday, February 22, 2008

While the husband is away.....Confessions Part 2

Here we are on Freaky Friday with an actual post specifically for those of you that are knitters:

As it happens, while Grant was away this week, I have received a few knitting books in the mail! My favorite time of day is when the UPS truck comes barreling around the corner and I hear the brakes of the truck screeching to bring it to a stop in front of our house. I am at the door waiting after hearing the metal clanking of the door opening and the driver steps out with my packages. Anyone from Ravelry that has ever seen my library count will clearly see that I love collecting knitting books and magazines!

This week I received 4 knitting books.

The first book was Knitting Circles Around Socks: Knit Two at a Time on Circular Needles by Antje Gillingham

The second book was 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes

Both of these books have great sock patterns and both explain the method for working two socks at the same time on circular needles. "Knitting Circles Around Socks" uses the two circular needle method while "2-at-a-time Socks" uses the Magic Loop method. As someone who is familiar with both methods I find the two circular needle method to be easier and I don't have to buy a special length needle to make a pair of socks. I will work patterns from both books using my preferred method using two circular needles. Either of these techniques are great to master in order to avoid the dreaded 2nd sock syndrome. The patterns in both of these books give a well rounded selection of socks for the family and so far I'm happy to add them to my collection.

The third book was Cover Up with Nicky Epstein: Knitted Afghans from her Personal Collection There are roughly 21 different patterns of afghans in this book and there isn't one of them that I could easily pass on making. At some point, I would like to make them all.....something to look forward to in the years to come.

Okay..I lied, the fourth book is actually a crochet book. It is Nicky Epstein's Crocheted Flowers This is similar to her Knitted Flowers book but a nice companion to have if you are both a knitter and crocheter. I love to embellish simple sweaters for my daughters and so both books have something to offer.

I love collecting and using books as much as I do yarn. The only limit is space, and one can always just add on to the house or move up I suppose.

Only thing left to do is to tuck the books away before Grant gets home tomorrow. He will certainly notice the first time I bring them then my response can be "What? These books?....I've had these for awhile now honey!" 8-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taking Vacation to Clean House and......

While Grant is away to the romantic city of San Francisco for a conference, I decided that it would be a good time to use some vacation time to clean the house. Clearly, a decision that I didn't think through. clean the house? WTH was I thinking??

When I'm not cleaning, I'm looking at videos on YouTube ABOUT cleaning. I think the diagnosis here is BOREDOM.

I do think that this girl in the video has the right idea though...... bored am I? I have been taking pictures of my yarn!


Lamb's Pride Worsted - Old Sage Artyarns Supermerino - 122

Oh...and this one has clam shells smashed INTO the yarn apparently....


Can you imagine the grip I'll have on my coworkers when I return to work and give them the blow by blow details of what I did on my vacation?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Daytona 500 - The Race Day

Well, as expected, Grant was ready for the race, including his coordinated wardrobe. He wore a NASCAR T-shirt, although it was covered by the Leather NASCAR jacket which he wore INSIDE the house during the race. He had his Pepsi and AMP Energy Drink, the two main sponsors for the team he was rooting for......apparently.

If you think I'm making this stuff up.....I have photographic evidence.......

Team Husband with Team sponsors High Tech NASCAR viewing and computing Posting on NASCAR forum while watching DAYTONA 500

The most exciting moment came right before the start of the race when I was logged onto my computer and I happened to see on my blog, the list of "Live Traffic" someone in Daytona Beach, Fl had logged onto MY blog....So, I excitedly raced over to where Grant was sitting waiting for the start of the race and said..."you won't believe this, but.." then I noticed the look on Grant's face which was a combo of concern and puzzlement. I asked him what the problem was and he as he was intently looking at the TV coverage of the Pre race activities he said "I haven't seen Earnhart, Jr. yet". To which I excidedly said "I KNOW...I am trying to tell you, HE IS READING MY BLOG!!".

Grant slowly tilted his head up to look at me with that WTH expression on his face and said

I said, "don't take my word for it...look at my blog!!"

Grant typed on his laptop (which was already on his lap with some NASCAR forum on the screen) and he logged onto my blog and I pointed out this .....which again...I now have photographic evidence for all you, my readers/fans.

The blog Readers

Grant exclaimed "OH $#*^!" (in a beautifully thick Australian accent)

I am really flattered that Earnhart, Jr was reading my blog yesterday, but I hope next time he will wait till AFTER the race. Since now Grant is blaming me and my blog for his finishing somewhere around the 9th or 10th place.

Meanwhile, with all the excitement I still managed to put together this flouncy vest for Jillian!!

Flouncy vest for Jilian.

And this Tunic Vest for ME!

Tunic Vest

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Daytona 500 Eve - Lessons Learned

Remember this situation that happened on Super Bowl Sunday when Grant:

"....failed however to answer the question "what would you like to snack on and eat on Super Bowl Sunday?" resulting in the early morning realization that on this rainy, windy, cold day he was going to have to drive me to Costco to get provisions. Or starve."

Today when Grant woke up this morning the first thing uttered from him was "I need you to pick up a few things at the grocery store today, for tomorrow".....

Me: "Good morning, why?"

Grant: "Tomorrow is the Daytona 500 and I don't want to have to go run around picking stuff up before the race."

Me: (with my hand in the air to fend him off as he is starting to rattle off his list) "write a list otherwise I will forget something."

Grant looks at me like I have three eyes and walks away muttering.

Later I look at the list he gave to me and everything is recognizable as "necessary man snacks" for your typical Sunday sport day in front of the TV with the exception of one thing...the last item. "AMP Energy Drink".

Me: "What the hell is this?"

Grant: "Oh, that is some energy sport drink of some kind."

Me: "You don't know what it is? Have you had it before?"

Grant: "No, but it is the drink that is sponsoring Dale Earnhart Jr., so I have to have it."


Grant: "Yes, I want to drink it during the race."

Okay, I stop there because I don't understand it, don't need to understand it....perhaps it is like a new type of cashmere/merino blend of yarn or new knit book that has just been released or something. I know how a good yarn sale triggers an irrational response from me, so perhaps this drink/race/sponsorship stuff triggers Grant that way. Not entirely unsympathetic to uncontrollable urges, I can understand that.....I guess.

If it is anything like my love of yarn, then it could be a can of piss and it simply won't matter. The man HAS to have it.

So....for tomorrow, Daytona 500 Race Day, Grant has his provisions lined up and another 500 miles will be put on the couch. When he signals his PIT CREW (aka ME) for team Husband, the unchallenged champion spectator of race day Sunday. I will happily drop my yarn, run for the refrigerator and grab him his can of AMP Energy Drink before Earnhart's Pit Crew has the lug nuts off the first tire!


Earnhart is one of those race car drivers, right?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update on the Valentine's Day Gift From the Heart

Jillian and Jimi just wrapped up their Valentine's Day dinner and the events that they both so carefully planned out.

When I came home from work, Jillian was already well into her dinner/evening preparations. However, when she arrived home from school a few hours earlier she came home to find her room fully decorated with over 20 red balloons, a giant balloon bouquet in addition to some pink roses, and a present which was a CD by their favorite group "Just Surrender".(I didn’t even know they had a “favorite group”!) the time I arrived home, Jillian was not only happy and humming, but she was calling me "Mommy", in that sweet happy girl voice.

Valentine's Day Surprise for Jillian More Red Balloons! Set up the surprise

I haven't been called THAT in years....wait, I take that back...I was "Mommy" last year when she was in the ER with Kidney Stones.

Anyhoo, so Jimi pulled off some great surprises of his own!

Jillian completed her surprise dinner without any problems, even ensuring that the hot dogs were cut into bite size pieces. She carefully made the salad tearing the lettuce...the lettuce she went to the grocery store for so SHE could pick out the freshest head of lettuce!!

This gastro intestinal testing gourmet fare was enjoyed by both on a beautifully set table for two with candles lit.

Dinner for Two

Janeva (13), Jillian's little sister, is suffering a full blown Gross Out by now from "all this romantic CRAP". So, before Jillian and Jimi sat down to eat, Janeva and I left to figure out what we would do for our dinner. We ended up having dinner at Applebee's and had a great time.


We arrived home after about 90 minutes which I thought for sure was long enough to finish dinner and do the dishes. Apparently "Valentine's Day" ends with the dinner and not with the dishes .....

NOW, I’m thinking the little “Star Trek” Valentine Card which plays the theme song to Star Trek I gave my husband seems a little bland.

So, tonight I'll have to step up my game and surprise Grant with “Lets make a special entry into the Captain’s Log tonight” 8-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Valentine's Day Gift from the Heart.

My oldest daughter Jillian has been dating her High School Sweetheart, Jimi, for about 15 months now. Two days ago Jillian came to me and we had the following conversation:

Jilly: "Mom, what are you and Grant doing for Valentine's Day?"

Me: "Grant is going to be working in the evening, so probably nothing much, so I was planning on bringing some work home and staying in."

Jilly: ", maybe you and Janeva (her pesky little sister) could go out to eat or something.....maybe?" "What do you think?"

Me (with Homeland Security threat level rising a level): "Why?"

Jilly: "Well I wanted to make Jimi dinner for Valentine's Day....and well.....maybe you and Janeva could go out?"

I had to make sure I heard her right.....not only does Jillian NOT cook, I wasn't sure she even knew where our kitchen was! Jillian's idea of "cooking" is heating up a can of the microwave.

So this evening after work, Jillian asked me to take her to the grocery store to pick up a few things she is needing for this special dinner. Are you catching this? This dinner includes her going to the grocery store and picking out the food herself!! Jimi is special!

I am trying to figure out what her menu is based what I'm seeing going into the cart. Curiosity got the best of me so I asked.

MENU: Macaroni and Cheese with Hotdogs cut up into it, a Fresh Green Salad ("not that one out of a bag mom") and Strawberry Shortcake.

If that wasn't so damn sweet, I'd be gagging right now!

I bet that when Jimi is presented with his dinner tomorrow night, it will be enjoyed and rival any gourmet cuisine from a five star restaurant.

Jillian and Jimmy

So for Jillian and Jimi, and to their special evening, may we all enjoy tomorrow and appreciate the simple moments that make life precious. (OH...and I knitted THAT silver shawl for her formal...**bragging**)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 8, 2008

This port is a test

This port is a test

Empty Message

Confessions - Part 1

I suspect that this will be an ongoing series of random posts confessing little lapses in critical thinking or on the use of manipulative tactics to getting what I want. Because I'm a married woman....

Have you ever wanted something REALLY COOL, but if you just went out to buy it without any discussion with your significant other, you'd risk the dishes getting rattled in the cupboards? Or if you were shopping with your significant other and was thinking about picking up something that you wanted, you'd get talked out of it? Or worse get "Hon, we'd better wait on that".

Christmas 2007
For months I have been eyeballing digital cameras. The "old" camera an Olympus C-700 still works pretty good but it has taken a beating the last three years in Grant's man-bag while on Geocaching hunts.

So on Thanksgiving weekend I got an email from Circuit City advertising an online holiday sale which included some fantastic pricing on some digital cameras. I got a fantastic deal on the Canon Powershot A570IS
and so I ordered it. It has great features and was on sale at a more than reasonable price. (this is called, justifying an impulse)

About two weeks before Christmas and pretty much done with the Christmas shopping, I got another email from Circuit City. This time the sale included digital video cameras. We had been discussing getting one so that we could take videos and send them to family. (more justification) I saw the Panasonic PV-GS85, and I bought it. We have some events coming up this spring and summer so I'm really excited that we are now well equipped. (CLASSIC justification statement)

Grant, who has not fully grasped the American concept of "impulse buying" and "retail therapy" would most likely have preferred my exercising some self control. (Back peddling)

So in a very smooth and brilliant move I made those cameras, PRESENTS for Grant.

Here is Grant after opening them up on Christmas morning......

Hey!  Sweetie, You got cameras!!!

Ahhhhh, look how happy he is!!!
(NOW, he just doesn't understand why he always finds them in my bag when he wants to use them)

For out anniversary I am getting him 10 skeins of a soft Alpaca Yarn in teal green!! 8-)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday....

Feeling frustrated at the whole election process and not feeling like putting together the words for a rant....I think a little video to lighten the mood will do wonders!

How can you not walk away smiling now??

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Musings on Super Bowl Sunday

Okay, this Sunday morning was known in advance to be out of the ordinary. It is Super Bowl Sunday after all. Grant still assimilating into the American culture and learning to embrace holidays and events begins to show his enthusiasm and appreciation for a day off with plans of planting himself on the couch for all and certainly main sporting events.

I could vehemently argue with anyone that this is more of a MAN thing versus cultural assimilation, but I digress.

The Super Bowl game is certainly an event, one which requires pre-planning and strategy for maximum enjoyment. So Grant maps out the seating arrangement in the living room weeks in advance, proclaiming his spot next to the corner table with ample room for snacks and drinks, the recliner footrest, direct centered unobstructed view of the big screen TV.

He failed however to answer the question "what would you like to snack on and eat on Super Bowl Sunday?" resulting in the early morning realization that on this rainy, windy, cold day he was going to have to drive me to Costco to get provisions. Or starve.

Credit goes to Grant here for not blowing his stack at the fact that during the Costco run for a few provisions ended up with a massive cart of miscellaneous "good deals" that I found on everything from razors, to plastic airtight containers to organize the pantry in the kitchen. Total bill for this little snack run: $234.84

Once we returned home and after Grant unloaded the car (in the driving rain) and by the time I unpacked everything, Grant dried off and put on his flannel lounging pants and a sweatshirt preparing for his day.

About 90 minutes before the big game, I got a call to pick up Janeva from a sleepover at a friend's house. Stopping at a red light and looking off to my left I saw something that just struck me as so funny that I immediately called Grant and told him what I saw and asked him if he'd quickly drive to the intersection and snap a picture so that I would later have proof of what I was seeing.

Before you look at the picture, imagine this: After a small amount of grumbling, Grant got dressed, putting on his jacket and boots, went out into the pouring rain and wind, got into his car and drove to the intersection....then had to get out of the car, walk up to this man standing at the corner of this busy intersection, apologizing to the man for interrupting his waving at passing cars explaining that he was there at his wife's request to snap HIS picture. Grant got the guys permission and he even eagerly posed for this picture.....

Lady Liberty?

Now I ask you.....where but in Southern California will you get an opportunity to see a man named Jose Hernandez posing as Lady Liberty?

My heartfelt thanks to Grant for going above and beyond the call of duty and also Jose Hernandez for making this special moment bringing two cultures together for our amusement.

On my way home, Grant called me on my cellphone to tell me he did in fact get the picture for me. Then asked me to stop off at the store to get some chips as we forgot to get them at Costco when we got the six layered dip that was sought after for today's event. Total cost for the spontaneous chip run at the grocery store: 22.15

NOW back to me and my knitting the sock.......

Friday, February 1, 2008

She says "Bling Socks", He says "Glitter **** Socks"

This week has been a killer for Grant. He has been keeping some crazy hours, pulling a couple of all-nighters and entering the end of the week in a daze.

Today, while Grant was trying to catch up on some sleep during the day, I was tip toeing and quietly amusing myself. After channel surfing through 300 channels I remember I had a sock that just needed the toe grafted and it was done. Not a pair mind you, just the first part of a "pair" of socks. I got the pattern from the More Sensational Knitted Socks book by Charlene Schurch.

Of course as soon as the toe was closed I HAD to show somebody....and the only body that was near was it stands to reason that I had to wake him to show him my new sparkling sock!

Glitter Sock

Me: "Hey look, I just finished a sock!"
Supportive Husband Grant (with eyes half open): "Very Nice"
Supportive Husband Grant (looking at the clock): "I like that Glitter Sh*t in the yarn."

Me: "ummm, I don't think that "glitter" and "sh*t" works in the same sentence dear".
Husband Grant (noticing the pattern makes them thicker than most socks): "They look like they would be good Hunting Socks".

I walked away shaking my head thinking it must be an Australian thing or a tired man thing, probably just a man thing!

Admiring the sock I decided to try it on.....

Glitter sock 1
You can just see the hint of glitter, but it's there, REALLY!

You can not NOT smile when you foot looks THIS good!!!

Now, I just need to make another one!!