Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Valentine's Day Gift from the Heart.

My oldest daughter Jillian has been dating her High School Sweetheart, Jimi, for about 15 months now. Two days ago Jillian came to me and we had the following conversation:

Jilly: "Mom, what are you and Grant doing for Valentine's Day?"

Me: "Grant is going to be working in the evening, so probably nothing much, so I was planning on bringing some work home and staying in."

Jilly: ", maybe you and Janeva (her pesky little sister) could go out to eat or something.....maybe?" "What do you think?"

Me (with Homeland Security threat level rising a level): "Why?"

Jilly: "Well I wanted to make Jimi dinner for Valentine's Day....and well.....maybe you and Janeva could go out?"

I had to make sure I heard her right.....not only does Jillian NOT cook, I wasn't sure she even knew where our kitchen was! Jillian's idea of "cooking" is heating up a can of the microwave.

So this evening after work, Jillian asked me to take her to the grocery store to pick up a few things she is needing for this special dinner. Are you catching this? This dinner includes her going to the grocery store and picking out the food herself!! Jimi is special!

I am trying to figure out what her menu is based what I'm seeing going into the cart. Curiosity got the best of me so I asked.

MENU: Macaroni and Cheese with Hotdogs cut up into it, a Fresh Green Salad ("not that one out of a bag mom") and Strawberry Shortcake.

If that wasn't so damn sweet, I'd be gagging right now!

I bet that when Jimi is presented with his dinner tomorrow night, it will be enjoyed and rival any gourmet cuisine from a five star restaurant.

Jillian and Jimmy

So for Jillian and Jimi, and to their special evening, may we all enjoy tomorrow and appreciate the simple moments that make life precious. (OH...and I knitted THAT silver shawl for her formal...**bragging**)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


ChrisLives said...

When I was growing up, the ONLY thing I would eat was Mac&Cheese with hot dogs cut up in it! That's the best dinner anyone could have made for me when I was growing up. Course I was four at the time...

Does she know the Heimlich incase he chokes on one of the hot dogs?

Better safe than sorry.

Joelle said...

That is SO CUTE. Mac n' cheese and hot dogs. How sweet. :)

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

It was a treat to watch these two plotting and planning. I almost forgot how fun Valentine's Day can be.

**note to self: Don't allow yourself to grow so old or stay so busy that you forget to make these days FUN**