Saturday, February 16, 2008

Daytona 500 Eve - Lessons Learned

Remember this situation that happened on Super Bowl Sunday when Grant:

"....failed however to answer the question "what would you like to snack on and eat on Super Bowl Sunday?" resulting in the early morning realization that on this rainy, windy, cold day he was going to have to drive me to Costco to get provisions. Or starve."

Today when Grant woke up this morning the first thing uttered from him was "I need you to pick up a few things at the grocery store today, for tomorrow".....

Me: "Good morning, why?"

Grant: "Tomorrow is the Daytona 500 and I don't want to have to go run around picking stuff up before the race."

Me: (with my hand in the air to fend him off as he is starting to rattle off his list) "write a list otherwise I will forget something."

Grant looks at me like I have three eyes and walks away muttering.

Later I look at the list he gave to me and everything is recognizable as "necessary man snacks" for your typical Sunday sport day in front of the TV with the exception of one thing...the last item. "AMP Energy Drink".

Me: "What the hell is this?"

Grant: "Oh, that is some energy sport drink of some kind."

Me: "You don't know what it is? Have you had it before?"

Grant: "No, but it is the drink that is sponsoring Dale Earnhart Jr., so I have to have it."


Grant: "Yes, I want to drink it during the race."

Okay, I stop there because I don't understand it, don't need to understand it....perhaps it is like a new type of cashmere/merino blend of yarn or new knit book that has just been released or something. I know how a good yarn sale triggers an irrational response from me, so perhaps this drink/race/sponsorship stuff triggers Grant that way. Not entirely unsympathetic to uncontrollable urges, I can understand that.....I guess.

If it is anything like my love of yarn, then it could be a can of piss and it simply won't matter. The man HAS to have it.

So....for tomorrow, Daytona 500 Race Day, Grant has his provisions lined up and another 500 miles will be put on the couch. When he signals his PIT CREW (aka ME) for team Husband, the unchallenged champion spectator of race day Sunday. I will happily drop my yarn, run for the refrigerator and grab him his can of AMP Energy Drink before Earnhart's Pit Crew has the lug nuts off the first tire!


Earnhart is one of those race car drivers, right?

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ChrisLives said...

Is this a shameless plug for AMP energy drink? ;)