Friday, February 1, 2008

She says "Bling Socks", He says "Glitter **** Socks"

This week has been a killer for Grant. He has been keeping some crazy hours, pulling a couple of all-nighters and entering the end of the week in a daze.

Today, while Grant was trying to catch up on some sleep during the day, I was tip toeing and quietly amusing myself. After channel surfing through 300 channels I remember I had a sock that just needed the toe grafted and it was done. Not a pair mind you, just the first part of a "pair" of socks. I got the pattern from the More Sensational Knitted Socks book by Charlene Schurch.

Of course as soon as the toe was closed I HAD to show somebody....and the only body that was near was it stands to reason that I had to wake him to show him my new sparkling sock!

Glitter Sock

Me: "Hey look, I just finished a sock!"
Supportive Husband Grant (with eyes half open): "Very Nice"
Supportive Husband Grant (looking at the clock): "I like that Glitter Sh*t in the yarn."

Me: "ummm, I don't think that "glitter" and "sh*t" works in the same sentence dear".
Husband Grant (noticing the pattern makes them thicker than most socks): "They look like they would be good Hunting Socks".

I walked away shaking my head thinking it must be an Australian thing or a tired man thing, probably just a man thing!

Admiring the sock I decided to try it on.....

Glitter sock 1
You can just see the hint of glitter, but it's there, REALLY!

You can not NOT smile when you foot looks THIS good!!!

Now, I just need to make another one!!

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