Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update on the Valentine's Day Gift From the Heart

Jillian and Jimi just wrapped up their Valentine's Day dinner and the events that they both so carefully planned out.

When I came home from work, Jillian was already well into her dinner/evening preparations. However, when she arrived home from school a few hours earlier she came home to find her room fully decorated with over 20 red balloons, a giant balloon bouquet in addition to some pink roses, and a present which was a CD by their favorite group "Just Surrender".(I didn’t even know they had a “favorite group”!) the time I arrived home, Jillian was not only happy and humming, but she was calling me "Mommy", in that sweet happy girl voice.

Valentine's Day Surprise for Jillian More Red Balloons! Set up the surprise

I haven't been called THAT in years....wait, I take that back...I was "Mommy" last year when she was in the ER with Kidney Stones.

Anyhoo, so Jimi pulled off some great surprises of his own!

Jillian completed her surprise dinner without any problems, even ensuring that the hot dogs were cut into bite size pieces. She carefully made the salad tearing the lettuce...the lettuce she went to the grocery store for so SHE could pick out the freshest head of lettuce!!

This gastro intestinal testing gourmet fare was enjoyed by both on a beautifully set table for two with candles lit.

Dinner for Two

Janeva (13), Jillian's little sister, is suffering a full blown Gross Out by now from "all this romantic CRAP". So, before Jillian and Jimi sat down to eat, Janeva and I left to figure out what we would do for our dinner. We ended up having dinner at Applebee's and had a great time.


We arrived home after about 90 minutes which I thought for sure was long enough to finish dinner and do the dishes. Apparently "Valentine's Day" ends with the dinner and not with the dishes .....

NOW, I’m thinking the little “Star Trek” Valentine Card which plays the theme song to Star Trek I gave my husband seems a little bland.

So, tonight I'll have to step up my game and surprise Grant with “Lets make a special entry into the Captain’s Log tonight” 8-)

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The Happy College Knitter said...

Awwww too cute! I remember V-days like that...