Sunday, February 3, 2008

Musings on Super Bowl Sunday

Okay, this Sunday morning was known in advance to be out of the ordinary. It is Super Bowl Sunday after all. Grant still assimilating into the American culture and learning to embrace holidays and events begins to show his enthusiasm and appreciation for a day off with plans of planting himself on the couch for all and certainly main sporting events.

I could vehemently argue with anyone that this is more of a MAN thing versus cultural assimilation, but I digress.

The Super Bowl game is certainly an event, one which requires pre-planning and strategy for maximum enjoyment. So Grant maps out the seating arrangement in the living room weeks in advance, proclaiming his spot next to the corner table with ample room for snacks and drinks, the recliner footrest, direct centered unobstructed view of the big screen TV.

He failed however to answer the question "what would you like to snack on and eat on Super Bowl Sunday?" resulting in the early morning realization that on this rainy, windy, cold day he was going to have to drive me to Costco to get provisions. Or starve.

Credit goes to Grant here for not blowing his stack at the fact that during the Costco run for a few provisions ended up with a massive cart of miscellaneous "good deals" that I found on everything from razors, to plastic airtight containers to organize the pantry in the kitchen. Total bill for this little snack run: $234.84

Once we returned home and after Grant unloaded the car (in the driving rain) and by the time I unpacked everything, Grant dried off and put on his flannel lounging pants and a sweatshirt preparing for his day.

About 90 minutes before the big game, I got a call to pick up Janeva from a sleepover at a friend's house. Stopping at a red light and looking off to my left I saw something that just struck me as so funny that I immediately called Grant and told him what I saw and asked him if he'd quickly drive to the intersection and snap a picture so that I would later have proof of what I was seeing.

Before you look at the picture, imagine this: After a small amount of grumbling, Grant got dressed, putting on his jacket and boots, went out into the pouring rain and wind, got into his car and drove to the intersection....then had to get out of the car, walk up to this man standing at the corner of this busy intersection, apologizing to the man for interrupting his waving at passing cars explaining that he was there at his wife's request to snap HIS picture. Grant got the guys permission and he even eagerly posed for this picture.....

Lady Liberty?

Now I ask you.....where but in Southern California will you get an opportunity to see a man named Jose Hernandez posing as Lady Liberty?

My heartfelt thanks to Grant for going above and beyond the call of duty and also Jose Hernandez for making this special moment bringing two cultures together for our amusement.

On my way home, Grant called me on my cellphone to tell me he did in fact get the picture for me. Then asked me to stop off at the store to get some chips as we forgot to get them at Costco when we got the six layered dip that was sought after for today's event. Total cost for the spontaneous chip run at the grocery store: 22.15

NOW back to me and my knitting the sock.......

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