Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tube Scarf

I just finished a scarf today......which I started one year ago today.

Janeva models the scarf. Tube Scarf

The Classic Elite's Tube Scarf is a very pretty, light weight, lacy knit that is absolutely WONDERFUL to wear. It was only after I wrapped this around my neck that I feel in love with it.

I wanted this scarf the moment I saw it in the pattern book. Once I started knitting it however, I had a hard time sticking with it. Knitting two panels to 60" length seems to drag on slowly, but when one of the panels is in straight stockinette stitch you lose all sense of direction, the world stops rotating yet seasons come and go and you feel like you are only growing older while knitting this never ending panel. I imagine that it would be similar to knitting a roll of toilet paper. Only with the Silky Alpaca yarn you find yourself petting it more than you'd ever squeeze a roll of Charmin.


I would rethink the BLACK panel. It was slow and boring to knit, but the yarn just felt so good in the hands that the longer it got the more I wanted to knit on it. The problem came when sewing the panels together. The black color made it nearly impossible to see the edge of the stitch and more than once I wanted to just stab myself in the eyes with the needle. You need extremely good lighting when you sew these panels together......something I had trouble finding at home.......In the bathroom under the heat lamp was my best light, but who wants to sew on a scarf while dripping with sweat?

Laying it out

I really do love this scarf now that I have it and can wear it. Of course, this scarf is also the first knit project I have made where both of my daughters uttered ooohs and ahhhhs while petting and rubbing the scarf on their necks and face exclaming that now they each want one!!


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