Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You Can't Have That

The scene: Drive up window at Carl's Junior, 5:40am.

Grant and I are carpooling today to stretch our gas and because he likes me. So, I decide to make him......I mean order him a hearty breakfast sandwich (Grant says nobody can order food through a window like me......he adores me!)

Anyhoo......I order two Sausage and Egg sandwiches and two drinks at Carl's Jr. The pleasant man at the other end of the speaker politely says, "you can't have that". I am assuming he is worried about our cholesterol when I replied, "it's okay we just had our physicals and aside from the concern of the sodium count I am sure we will be okay".

Then the pleasant man said a little more firmly, "you can't have that, because we don't serve breakfast until 6am, wouldn't you rather have a Spicy Chicken sandwich instead?"

So I have to ask, "Who eats a spicy anything at 5:40am?"

Grant and I drove to another food establishment with a drive thru window.

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