Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cabled Coat Survived

Started this project approx 2 weeks after receiving Vogue Knitting in the mail in 2007.

Fun knit, lots of pattern and texture going on. Ran into a few problems initially on the charting of one of the cables but it was fairly quick and easy to correct.

It took roughly 5 weeks for me to knit all the pieces. The problem I ran into was the constructing the pieces together. I would baste it all together and then the seaming would just look “off” and didn’t sew together as nicely and neatly as the knitting appeared. Frustrated I set this project aside and would occasionally pick it up and in frustration set it aside again.

Cable Coat crossed over - still basted Cable Coat side view with basting

Seriously, this project caused me a bad case of “Knitter’s Constipation”. I could finish it, hated not finishing it so I felt guilty when I’d start and finish projects while it sat in a corner of the closet.

November of 2008 I found out that a good friend and knitting mentor, Charlie Hada was starting a finishing service. She agreed to put this sweater together for me and NOW I LOVE IT! I felt vindicated too because she found it a challenge as well.

Charlie’s finishing is flawless, the seaming particularly around the collar and the center seam on the collar with matching the cable stitches perfectly just blow me away. I could never have imagined that this would come together so beautifully after all my attempts.

Side View with Collar - seams Front Collar View Front View of Cable Coat

Sadly, my photography doesn’t do it justice.


Anonymous said...

From one Cabled Coat alumna to another: congratulations on getting it together. That finishing is absolutely amazing, and the knitting is pretty good, too.

that chick said...

that looks so stinkin complex! my hat is off to you and your persistence/ skill!

Lynlee said...

That is really stunning! Nice work!