Monday, January 19, 2009

Old Knitting Magazines

Not so long ago my husband, Grant, asked me this: "Is it really necessary that you keep all these OLD, outdated, knit magazines? You must subscribe to all of them and and get new ones almost monthly! "

Realizing that he is a non-knitter (his picking up knitting needles twice in 18 months does NOT make him a knitter) I took a deep breath and exercised patience and understanding when I delivered my response......."OMG, are you freakin kidding me? These knitting magazines are a treasure and very valuable!"

Concerned that my explanation of why I kept every back issue of various knitting magazines would not be convincing enough I started to thumb through them one afternoon.

In the Winter 1998 issue I found several patterns that really caught my eye.

Knitter's Winter 1998

The first one, a cabled hat named "Aran Top Knot" by Maureen Egan Emlet. I had the yarn in my stash so I knitted it over the weekend.

Aran Top Knot Aran Top Knot

Then in the same issue a sweater caught my eye. "Icelandic Traditions" by Lois Young. The pattern called for Plymouth Galway, but I substituted with Cascade 220 and started that sweater right after the completing the hat.

Icelandic Traditions

I have always gone back and rediscovered patterns that when I may have first glanced at them thought, "I wish I could make that", and then picked out what I thought of as a beginner project. But now when I rediscover a pattern, I love the fact that over the years I have developed the ability to just dive in and make what I like.

After finding these patterns in this old issue. What did Grant say when he saw me knitting on these projects?

Grant: "You are just knitting those old patterns on purpose!"

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