Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Buttons Buttons I Found the Buttons!!

Remember a few days ago, I ran Grant ragged looking around town for buttons? I was beginning to worry I'd have to settle for any button I could find in the quantity and size just to complete my project.

Well two days ago I found a treasure trove of buttons right here in town!!

As Cute As A Button is located in Point Loma (San Diego) California. They are an online source for buttons but if you want to go to the shop you can call ahead and set up an appointment. I had the shop to myself and was able to lay out all kinds of different buttons on my project before finding the PERFECT buttons for my Texturized Tweed Coat.

Texturized Tweed Coat

More about the project tomorrow, right now we are talking buttons! Kim, the owner of "As Cute As A Button" was kind enough to let me take some pictures of their selection!


downsized_0202091136.jpg downsized_0202091136a.jpg

As you can see, my photos don't really do the buttons justice, but you can kinda get an idea of the volume and selection that they have.

If you are needing buttons for a project, take a moment to look at the link above and see if you can't save yourself a lot of time, gas, and a big fatty headache by finding the perfect button in the comfort of your home shopping in your PJs!!!

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emilyash79 said...

I found great buttons on this website, too! Can't wait for them to come in!