Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recycled Yarn?

RECYCLED YARN?? This sweater was once a completed vest. But the vest was not a big hit with any of the three girls in this household...including me. So NOT a hit that I have no "before" pictures of the vest before I ripped it all out.

Janeva's Freshman Boatneck Bluebell Sweater Boatneck Bluebell

I frogged the completed vest after it sat for a year unworn and unappreciated and recycled the yarn to make this sweater for Janeva. HUGE HIT! The sweater pattern came from Stephanie Japels "Fitted Knits" book. The sweater is called Boatneck Bluebell......but in our home it has been renamed to "Janeva's Freshman Sweater".

Not only was this sweater a fun knit for me but also fits Janeva beautifully and she loves it. It also appeals to my sense of frugal knitting (not something I'm known for!) and the fact that I didn't just let a finished project sit off to the side to be forgotten.

I won all the way around with this project!


Tammy said...

The sweater looks great! I love that book too, but I don't have the required waist for any of her patterns anymore... and I don't think my teen boys would be enthusiastic recipients. :(

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

I primarily bought the book because the projects give me something that I can knit for my teenage daughters and they don't recoil when they see the finished project.

Maybe you could knit your teen boys "Fitted Boxers"??! LOL!