Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Texturized Tweed Coat and The Buttons

Casted on for the Texturized Tweed Coat on Christmas Day. Discovered a mistake in the seed stitch about the time I had put the sleeve stitches on a holder. Ripped it back and started over on January 5th. On January 12th sitting in an Emergency Room with my mom for 12 hours I turned the wait into a one woman knit marathon and made huge progress on this sweater.

After I had knitted the sweater, Grant and I hunted for the buttons, I found the buttons, and I finished putting the buttons on last night. NOW, on February 3rd, I could announce that my Texturized Tweed Coat is FINISHED! TADAAAA!!!

It is a very striking sweater and rich in texture. The pattern was very well written and easy to follow. The design flattering and the collar.....what can I say....I just LOVE IT!!

Side view with buttons Texturized Tweed Coat, back Janeva modeling the Texturized Tweed Coat front

Here it is, modeled by Janeva......can you tell she is irritated that I am making her model a wool sweater on a day where the temperature in Southern California hit 85 degrees?

Today, was the first day that I didn't work on this sweater ........I honestly miss working on this sweater! It was a fun knit.


Gale said...

And it's a good looking knit too. Come to Toronto to wear it today - it's -17C and my tears were freezing in my eyes this morning...

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

Thank you Gale!

I think you must be one of my first readers and always so kind in your comments!