Friday, February 27, 2009

San Diego Tea Party February 2009

I got a mention on Michelle Malkin's blog! Susan from San Diego and Trafficknitter ......that would be ME!

First off I have not wanted to get Political on this blog. However, I have been growing madder and madder of the last few years by the arrogance of Washington and this issue crosses all lines.

The spending is out of control. Point fingers all you want if you are so inclined, but the fact is, ALL of Washington needs to be accountable for the "Crisis, Catastrophe, Armageddon", (plug in the word of the day here).

For me, the last straw so to speak was the MASSIVE (my word of the day) spending that was voted on, then signed by the President four days later in Colorado and, by their own admission, not ONE lawmaker....nor the President ever sat down and READ THE BILL. So how can any one of them know let alone explain how any of this spending will affect the country in the near future as well as generations to come??? Let alone say it will SAVE US!!

So, because of the MALPRACTICE of the political process, I did something never before compelled to do. I PROTESTED!!

Grant and I attended the San Diego Tea Party. Both of us holding our signs with our own individual expressions of frustration in full view. Grant was promptly interviewed by every news outlet that attended. As a newly arriving immigrant, his situation has a unique slant to everyone else feeling the same way. Why should he pay for everyone else's bailout when he has been refused loans as a result of the U.S. banks not taking into account his credit rating from Australia? He has started here from scratch and now while trying to build his life here, he is now having to prop up those that perhaps just didn't take the care they should in managing their own finances.

Grant arriving early
Grant with sign ready.....let the Tea Party begin!
Interview at the San Diego Tea Party 2/27/09
Interview at San Diego Tea Party 2/27/09

Grant managing his mini media storm. His sign captured the attention of a lot of people today.

We had 600 people show up for the San Diego Tea Party. It was a great turn out, and by all accounts it was a peaceful and respectful display of frustration.

IMG_0094 IMG_0095

The message is clear.....The Chattering Class do care about all the "little tiny porky amendments"! Let Washington DC eat the pork....we are all full here!! Someone tell Sen Charles Schumer he may be "Shovel Ready" but the American Tax Payers will no longer stand to be piled on quietly anymore.

Back to knitting now.......


Tammy said...

I saw you at Michelle's blog... way to go!!! Do you mind if I link your post here on my blog? You say it better than I could. Let me know.

Gayle said...

Here via MM as well and I got so excited, a knitter! Yea! Great signs, great message.

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

Tammy, I'm honored that you'd link to my post. Feel free to do so.

Gayle, Can you imagine if all the knitters would get out and be heard how the world would change? ;)

Our Country and California are in such a mess, I hope that we all get more involved and aware of what our elected officials are doing and hold them accountable for the mismanagement of our money. Perhaps this is the "crisis" that will unite the people to reclaim our Country from the ruling elite which crosses both parties.

Auntie Pudentaine said...

I was sent this way from Tammy, and appreciate the sharing of kindred hearts. Do you know how this was organized? I would happily drive any place within a couple of hours if I knew about it. I know a number of other people as well, and I have 8 seatbelts! So here's to hoping this roars like a wildfire and I'm looking for any way to fan those flames.

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

Hi Auntie Pudentaine!
I originally heard about the Tea Party protest on Michelle Malkin's blog and the mention of San Diego as a city having one of the Tea Parties. There was a link that directed me to TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter). I was the 10th person to sign up, then we had 6 days to get this rolling. We were worried that we'd only have 40 people there....boy were we surprised!!!

If you are on Twitter or Facebook there is another Tea Party being planned so I'd love to hear about your experience at the next one! Let me know if you need more help finding a Tea Party near you and I'll hunt one down for ya. ;)

Warrior Knitter said...

I found Traffic Knitter!! YEA!!

I saw your post on MM's blog back in February & looked you up on Rav--can't do that anymore! heh.

I came here via Tammy's blog. I knit at stoplights, too!