Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day Trip - Lesson Learned

Since you are one of my most loyal readers, I feel I can share this with you and let you take away the lesson learned from my experience.

As you know I got Grant a
camera for Christmas.

When we were on our day trip to Borrego last Friday we both were snapping pictures, me and my crappy old digital and Grant with his nicer newer one with the higher megapixals and better video taking capabilities.

I was happily snapping pictures and hunting for flowers and points of interest to photograph that would be suitable to share with you and also put into our scrapbook. Points of interests like the men's facilities on the trail (still grossing out). I really didn't have any thoughts of taking videos. Seriously, videos of flowers? Why would you?

On our way home we took a different route than the one we drove that morning. We went up
Montezuma Pass that would take us through Santa Ysabel. There we stopped off at Dudley's Bakery and The Julian Pie Company. These two bakeries are right next to each other, so it EASY to stop off at both places and do the right thing by stimulating the economy of Santa Ysabel.

031408_1310a.jpg Dudley's

But going back to the journey of driving to Santa Ysabel.......we are near the summit of Montezuma Pass, Grant pulled over to take a PHOTO of the valley from one of the turnouts.

From Montezuma Pass P1010127

From that elevation and the fact it is a pass between the mountains, it was windy as hell. I mean SERIOUSLY windy and I was having to focus on not getting blown off the road over the side of the cliff. So I stood BEHIND Grant (as any sensible wife would....thinking if Grant blows over the side, then I'd take that as the signal to head for the car).

Grant yells into the wind toward me, "I'm going to take a panoramic shot of the valley". HE SAID "SHOT"...I'm sure of it...and so I naturally assumed that he was using some fancy feature on his new camera or that he would later splice together numerous SHOTS with some fancier photo editing software back home. Instead, he was taking a "VIDEO" and I was oblivious!

Back home, Grant is looking at the photos and previewing his video, when I hear him say "What the hell is that noise at the end?" "I don't remember anything behind us!" "WTF,
IS THAT???" Then he falls out of his chair laughing.

All you can hear is the wind blowing, but then you hear me cough a little dainty cough, and then moments later let loose with an impressive BELCH while standing behind Grant!!!! It was so windy that at the time, it went unnoticed by him....and I don't remember doing that at the time. As a Lady who would never do something like that NORMALLY, I have to assume that it must have been from the wind blowing into me. Um, you'd buy that, right??

So here I am, making promises and deals with Grant all over the place so it doesn't end up on YouTube!!

Lesson Learned? Chose the gifts you are giving VERY carefully!


Alyssa said...

Oh god that would totally happen to me. Keep it off You embarrasing.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Grant must be a very understanding husband to not publically display the video.