Saturday, March 8, 2008

Daylight Savings - a rant

Am I the only one that feels ripped off by Daylight Savings every Spring? My weekend is an hour shorter and as minor as that may sound...I FEEL that loss of an hour on my drive into work come Monday morning. Do you find the people on the road and at work seem extra grumpy the week following the start of Daylight Savings? In fact I think everyone is grumpier till the clocks roll back in November!

We allegedly gain an hour in the fall, but then it is taken back in the Spring. But I think we lose at a minimum 2 hours every year in this cycle of "give and take". As the following video explains......

It is now 8pm, I am starting to roll the clocks forward in the house so that by the time the time changes, I'll be done setting all the clocks.


Tammy said...

You aren't the only one, I hate this time of year with the Daylight Savings Time. It leaves me exhausted! That's got to be why everyone is so grumpy this next week.

I found you through the teen daughter's group on Ravelry. :)

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

Hi Tammy!
Yes, I'm dreading this next week and particularly the first few days of driving into work.

This morning Grant woke up late and had to run a marathon around the house getting ready for work and out the door inside of 10 minutes from waking up. YOU just know he was grumpy all day! ;)

Well, we are at least 1 day closer to rolling the clocks back now!