Friday, March 7, 2008

Sneaking Away.....

Today was the first day that I really was able to go out and do anything after coming down with the flu a little over a week ago. I was off today and Grant had to go to work late so Grant decided that we'd sneak out for lunch.

Normally when I have an off Friday and the girls are at school, Grant and I have a "date" where we either go out for breakfast or today was not untypical in that sense, it was just not our normal Friday "date".

The issue is Grant's definition of "SNEAKing" out for our lunch date.

"Sneaking" implies a secret....or to stealthy do something that goes undiscovered by others......doesn't it?

Well, Grant gets so INTO sneaking that he has to PROVE that he is sneaking to those very people that he is sneaking away from, i.e. the girls.

So what does Grant do, every single time we go out to lunch while the girls are at school???

P1010106 P1010107

Grant takes pictures with his camera phone of our plates full of food then sends the pictures to the girls on their camera phones while they are at school!! This way, he finds out if they have their phone on when they are not suppose to AND he gets the added satisfaction of letting them know he is up to something while they are studying hard at school. Or whatever it is they do at school these days!!

Now that would be the end of this blog post except that this evening.....Since Grant is working late, and Jillian has a date, Janeva and I are having a "girl's night" watching horror flicks and we decided....rather Janeva decided that I should spring for pizza. So a girl's night complete with pizza, horror flicks and having the run of the house in our pjs! It's one of the BEST ways to spend a Friday night!!

Imagine my surprise when I look over at Janeva as she starts to break out the pizza and I see her holding her camera phone to the pizza.......

Janeva's payback! 030708_1941a.jpg

Looks like Janeva is giving some "PAYBACK"!


ChrisLives said...

That's VERY sneaky! I'd do the same thing. What sense of accomplishment do you feel if you successfully "snuck" out to lunch and no one knew????
I like how serious Grant is as he takes the pics with his phone.

Windansea said...

That's dh used to tell the kids we stayed up all night eating cookies and playing video games after they went to bed. Lydia

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

Well, the girls are giving us "payback" now. They are on Spring Break and at Disneyland for the week with their Dad. So now while Grant and I are at work, we are getting "FUN" camera phone pics from the girls!!!

This is getting outta hand now. ;)

windansea, I'm going to use that one...."eating cookies and playing video games while you are sleeping"....THAT'S a good one!! LOL